A Trained Locksmith Can Extract a Broken Key

Mostly the emergency car locksmith calls are about lost keys. In some cases, however, we also receive calls regarding keys having stuck in ignition lock.

What most people are likely to do…?

Lost keys are in most cases solved instantly with a spare key. However, if your keys are broken in ignition lock, you cannot even use the spare key. This makes the situation frustrating.

In such scenario, you are most likely to try and extract a broken key with something sharp and pointy. THIS IS A BIG NO – PLEASE DON’T. By doing so without a proper locksmith training or knowledge, you will only damage your car ignition lock and are likely to jam the key further.

Instead, Please…

Take your time and call St Kilda Locksmiths – your local locksmiths in St Kilda. We are local, renowned and experienced locksmiths. Car locksmith services in St Kilda and surrounding suburbs. Our trained locksmiths can help you extract the broken key from ignition lock in no time.

We will extract the broken key from the lock and cut a new key. If the ignition lock is already damaged, we can also help with replacing the transponder unit. We can cut the keys or replace the transponder unit for most makes and models.

We are available

St Kilda locksmiths are available office hours a day 6 days a week to help you with your emergency locksmith requirement. Call (03) 9525 5811.