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Whether it is a private residence or an enterprise class business, there is nothing that provides more peace of mind than a security system. The basic monitor and alarm system may have a humble beginning but with changes in technology over the last few decades they have become much more reliable, increasingly easier to use, and prices are very affordable.

The typical alarm system incorporates door and window sensors with motion sensors to detect if there has been an intruder. Depending on your particular requirements specialized sensors can also be installed that will monitor for vibrations and breaking glass. To make installation easy these sensors can be wired, wireless, or a combination of both and depends on your particular installation. These sensors are then connected to the main controller unit and a keypad that allows you to arm or disarm and control system functions.

The idea of any good security system is to avoid property loss or to keep individuals safe. When the system is armed sirens will sound alerting both the intruder and the occupants to a disturbance on the property. Probably one of the best aspects of a professionally installed security system is the notification that the property is protected by an alarm. When St Kilda Locksmiths installs a security system we strategically place placards and stickers alerting would be intruders that the premises is protected.

This may not seem like much, but it is an excellent deterrent. If the system warns a criminal that there is a state of the art security system installed most criminals will turn away and search for an easier target.
The modern security system provides better protection and makes using it easy. With sensors placed on doors and windows, and other specialized sensors guarding your property you can rest assured that your valuables are protected. Arming the system is so easy that you will not be inconvenienced.

Modern units are built to provide the operator with simple arming and unarming solutions and keypads are designed so well every finger type will find it simple. In addition to this, the individual components are designed to be aesthetically pleasing so you won’t feel like you are in a prison.

The alarm systems have timers that will allow you to enter and exit the door without triggering a false alarm. It is also possible to arm the perimeter and disarm the motion sensors. This will allow free movement inside the building while monitoring the property for unauthorized entry. If you are worried about power failure, most systems come equipped with a battery backup that will keep the premises protected regardless of power outages. If you want the ultimate protection for your home or business, most units will allow you to connect to a monitoring station. This means that trained professionals watching your property office hours a day and 6 days a week, and the cost of monitoring is about a dollar a day.

These modern alarm systems can also send you a message through a telephone line directly to your cell phone, alerting you to an intrusion or other security issue.

Finally, a security system can also include several alternative monitoring features. These additional functions can be added and enhance the overall usefulness of the alarm system. By monitoring for smoke and fire or adding a panic, duress or medical alert system your property can cover just about all of your emergency needs.

Other added features can operate electronic door locks, lighting systems and irrigation systems. If you want even easier access you can use a keychain remote or integrate a telephone controller that allows you to operate your security system from anywhere.

If you are looking for a state of the art security system and want it installed to the highest specifications then contact St Kilda Mobile Locksmiths. We are the leading service, sales, and installation company in the area and we specialise in security.

More information on the individual components of the security system:

The Code Pad

The code pad is the unit that you will be most familiar with. These are placed by entry points and allow you easy access to arm and disarm the system. From these keypads you can also control the functions of the entire alarm system. With modern designs your alarm system will blend in with the rest of your decor and allow you to keep your most valuable possessions safe. With large easy to use keys and display screens managing the systems is a breeze.

The Alarm Controller

The Alarm controller unit is the central processing component and the core piece of the entire system. This part of the system is housed in a steel case and installed somewhere conspicuous, usually in an out-of-the-way place like a closet or ceiling. It needs power to operate so there is a need to place it near an outlet or install a new power point. Unless you are using wireless sensors this is also where all of the different components will terminate, because of this it is best to keep the controller in a central location. Also the backup battery will be located here, the battery will power the unit should a power failure occur and is monitored through the system. If the battery needs to be replaced the user will get a notification that the backup power system needs service.

The Sensors

There is a wide variety of sensors available; the type of sensor is completely dependent on your needs. A St Kilda Locksmiths specialists will recommend what will work best and provide you with the best coverage. In most cases these sensors are very small and will fit into the decor of your home. There are sensors available for just about every situation. For outdoor use the sensors will be made to protect against the elements, for pet owners there are sensors that will allow your animals to move freely throughout your home without triggering a false alarm. Other sensors will imitate fixtures or disappear into the environment leaving your interior decorations the main focal point, not the security system.

Audible Alarms

The alarms give off an audible warning that there has been a disturbance. This informs anyone on the property that there is an issue and also tells the perpetrator that they have been detected. This is very effective at turning away a thief before they get a chance to steal anything. Often times these are placed inside and outside the home and can incorporate warning lights that direct security professionals and the police to the property.

We understand the technology and take protecting what is most important to you very seriously.
For an in-depth assessment into all of your security needs, contact us today!

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