When you are looking for an automatic gate you will want the best hardware in the business. St. Kilda Locksmiths has been securing properties with automatic gates for a long time. We are the experts when it comes to strong gates that protect your property from unauthorized access.

With our expert technicians we can provide nearly anyone a gate that will provide them with peace of mind. From residential applications to corporate facilities, St. Kilda Locksmiths is your best choice for slide gates, swing gates, and boom gates. Our team will design you a system that will integrate your security system and access controls allowing your property to be properly monitored and allow entry to only those who have been given permission.

Some of the functions available:

  • AC or DC operation
  • Manual over-ride
  • Battery Backup that provides access even if the power has been interrupted
  • Electric lock to secure the gate when unattended or scheduled lock-out times
  • Access options like key pads, proximity cards, key fobs, or magnetic loop detectors
  • Security and intercom integration
  • Warning lights and stop-go lights
  • Courtesy lights
  • Speed adjustments that control how fast the gate opens and closes
  • Partial opening for pedestrians
  • Obstacle detection that stops or reverses a gate
  • Open gate warning

If you are looking for the best automatic gate in the business, contact St. Kilda Melbourne Locksmiths. We can provide you with the right solution!