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Transponder Keys Cloned and Cut


If you own a car that was manufactured after 1995, then your car key must be containing a transponder chip inside. It is a chip that disarms your vehicle immobilizer whenever you use the key to ignite the engine.

When you turn in the key in your car, an electronic message is sent to the key from the ECU on your car, allowing the car to ignite only if the correct message is received back. So, the transponder keys cut has to be done perfectly so that the immobilizer can be disarmed and the car can ignite. Otherwise, you will not be able to turn on your car.

Mechanism behind ignition keys cut

The word transponder came from the combination of transmitter and responder. The transponder consists of a mini-electronic chip having non-volatile memory. This chip has a set of fine wires coiled around the tube. Once you insert the key in the ignition lock of your car and turn it on, an electromagnetic field of energy is sent out through the induction coil, causing the electronic chip to send positive signals.

These signals are usually alpha-numeric codes, commonly known as identification codes. Once the induction coil reads these codes, it sends them to the ECU to recognize it. If it is correct, the ECU accepts it and allows the car to ignite. If you are using the right transponder key in your car, but your car is still not igniting, then probably you need an ignition lock repair, transponder unit replacement, or transponder keys cut. You will need to find a professional who can offer you these services with expertise.

Qualities of a good ignition keys cut service provider

Special programming and proper equipment’s are required in order to facilitate proper ignition keys cut. If you want to have a duplicate car key copy of your transponder key, or you have lost or damaged your car key and you are looking for your transponder unit replacement, then a professional, experienced, and qualified ignition lock repair company can come to your rescue.

They will have all the necessary equipment’s, tools and techniques to offer you expert transponder keys cut service within minutes. They should be available within easy distance from your place, so that they can quickly come for your help, in case you are stuck in a place because you lost or damaged your key.
If you are looking for transponder unit replacement, ignition keys cut or car key copy, then select the service provider with utmost care and confidence.

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