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Access Control

Access control

Access control is a very effective tool in and loss prevention or risk management strategy. By restricting access to areas and only allowing people that need to be in those areas, a company can minimise its exposure to theft and fraud. With today’s technology systems can be designed to fit just about any need. From one gate to hundreds the ability to implement an effective enterprise wide system is within the grasp of just about every organization.

Typically there are three common technologies used to restrict movement in controlled areas:

Access control keypads that require a security code or PIN to gain access

A bio metric system which scans a fingerprint and allows access to the area.

The information that is gathered by these devices is then passed to an access control module (ACM) which verifies the data and allows or denies access to a restricted area. This is done by sending a signal to an electronic lock system or operates a motor to open a gate.

Access control systems can be designed and implemented for a small group of individuals or built to control the movements of thousands. Although a small system can be developed in a stand-alone package, often times it is more beneficial to implement a PC controlled access system.

The benefits of a computer controlled system include:

PIN code management

Recording and reporting of your users entry and exits into restricted areas

Anti pass-back control

Easy Management of users, including adding or deleting users and tracking individual access authorities

Scheduling specific time zones to open and lock based on hours of operations, PIN activation, and sensor arming

Integrating the access control system with existing alarm systems

In addition to the above benefits an access control system allows an organization to quickly adapt in situations where they feel that they have been compromised. In a situation where a key card is lost or PIN number is inadvertently stolen, a company can make changes immediately with no cost. In a traditional lock and key scenario, it could cost thousands of dollars for a company to re-key their entire building. With a Access control system companies big or small won’t have to shoulder those costs.

If you are looking for a professional access control system and want to be ensured that your protected, contact the specialists! St Kilda Locksmiths specialize in key-less entry systems big and small, or experts are waiting to help!

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