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Alarm Monitoring

alarm monitoring

If you own a business and have your alarm system monitored you already know how essential a quality service is. For homeowners that are considering an alarm system for their residence, cost can be a major issue. Because there is nothing quite as valuable as your family it can be a very hard choice to make. Regardless of business or family, the experts at St Kilda Locksmiths can help! We will assess many factors to give you the best possible service for less. Just some of these factors are patrol response, the crime profile in your location, what type of items are in the home and patrol response times during the period that your home is vacant.

With the basic cost of home monitoring at a little more than a dollar a day, just about everyone can now afford the safety and protection of home monitoring. This means that your business, home and family can sleep safe knowing that we are watching over you and those items that you care about most.

In the event that an alarm is triggered the system will send a signal to an officer through the built-in communicator where an officer will jump into action. At first the duty officer will interpret the information and assess where the alarm has sounded and determine if this is a false alarm or an actual intrusion. With any alarm system there can be false alarms, if a single sensor has been triggered it may be nothing more than a gust of wind or animal setting of a false alarm. If multiple sensors are triggered, it is very likely that someone has entered the building and is unauthorized to do so.

What our officer does next is entirely up to the customer. Each home or business that we monitor has written instructions provided by the account administrator or homeowner. Our officers will react according to your instructions and either ignore, log, or respond to the signal. In the event that you have asked to be notified we will also make a call to let you know if there was a disturbance that caused a sensor to signal an alarm and get your advice as how to proceed In the event of a probable break-in they will continue to attempt contact until you or one of the parties on your list are reached. This list will be contacted in the order of importance that you provide. In the event that there has been no contact made a patrol will be sent to your home or business to inspect the property and ensure that you and your valuables are safe.

If you value your home or business and want to secure the things that you care about the most, a monitoring service is a great way to ensure that you are safe. If you are considering an alarm system and monitoring then contact the professionals at St Kilda Locksmiths today. We can examine your needs and help you setup the perfect defence to keep your family and valuables safe.

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