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Intercoms are a great asset to a home or business. They allow both convenience and security through their ability to remotely determine who is asking entry. By identifying your visitor before they have direct contact, aggressive life threatening situations can be completely avoided.

At one point and time there was little that a person could do to screen their visitors. When the spy hole was developed it gave people the ability to see who was knocking. This allowed them some options before they unlocked the door and allowed physical access to them and their property. Although this has served the community well, and is still an adequate technique to deploy, it has several limitations.

With an intercom system it is possible to stop people at the front gate. If a video system is incorporated it allows you to not only converse with a stranger but also visually inspect them before they get to your door. By adding an electric lock to the gate you can also remotely allow your visitor to enter your property.

Intercoms can also be integrated with electric gates. If you have a long drive and would like to automate greeting guests, while maintaining security, an intercom and automatic gate can enhance any property. These units can activate the gate from a handset or intercom unit and is a convenient way to remotely manage access.

Modern intercom systems incorporate a wide range of features:

Install multiple intercom units that support both audio and video

Integration intercom with a phone system

Black and white or colour video solutions

A variety of cameras and lenses for use in almost any location

Installations can be done at long distances

Control electronic locks and gates

Move cameras remotely

Save images of people who are granted access.

If you are looking for an intercom system that provides you with professional equipment and installed by people who know what they are doing, contact St Kilda locksmiths today!

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