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Security Cameras


If you are looking for a complete security plan, you will need to consider a CCTV system. Closed Circuit TV systems fill in the blanks when integrated into your loss prevention and risk management plan. Business owners can take advantage of the many benefits that CCTV provides. Not only will it help police solve crimes it will deter thief’s from steeling. With lower cost units now available it is very affordable putting it well within the reach of homeowners in St Kilda.

By using a camera system you will deter many criminals before they ever commit a crime. This creates a much safer environment for yourself and your personal belongings. If you ever encounter an incident the recorded video will assist the police in catching the criminals and recover any belongings that were stolen. In addition to the camera and recording devices ability to help in prevention and recovery the people who are your guests or patrons will feel more secure knowing that there is a CCTV system protecting them!

Access to secure areas

Unauthorized activities

Theft and criminal damage

Personal safety Issues

If you have been thinking that a CCTV system is out of reach, think again! It is as simple as a monitor and a single camera. If you are looking to control access to a restricted area with a lock system controlled by your security team, this can be a great solution. Add to this a recording device and you will have contentious monitoring where you need it most. In a residential installation or small business this type of setup may be more than adiquete to deter would be criminals and give you the surveillance you need.

If you are looking for something a little more inconspicuous or mobile, St Kilda Locksmiths can provide you with a battery operated self-contained solution that operates on batteries and a recording system that saves the data to a photo data card. These are perfect for the caravan, boat, and other similar areas. These DIY kits allow you to install them anywhere and are so simple that most homeowners can do it themselves.

When you are looking for a CCTV setup that is at an enterprise level, it requires a St Kilda Locksmiths expert to assess your needs. Our trained techs will meet with you and make a professional assessment of your property. Once they have all of the information they will design a system that will meet your needs and use the best equipment your budget can afford.

Regardless of lighting and location St Kilda can provide you with a camera setup that will display and record crisp, clear images. With several options for cameras the reality is that you can automate your entire security programme. Most cameras are based on the Charged Coupled Device (CCD) technology. These devices give you high-resolution images and can work in low light scenarios to provide you with incredible clarity. In addition to the image clarity, many of these systems can incorporate technology that will automatically identify and provide the optimal settings needed to display images. For areas that require movement of the camera there are devices that will allow an operator to pan, tilt, zoom and focus. These types of cameras can usually be operated from remote locations or be set to automatic mode.

If you are looking for a completely mobile application the latest developments in PTZ cameras will allow you to track a target by using a domed track. The cameras move along a defined path and can be set to operate independently or can be moved manually by an operator. These types of systems can be very useful in warehouse facilities or anywhere that flexibility is a must.

Most CCTV systems at this level require capturing and saving to a recording device. This gives the owner a permanent record of the images captured and allows for tighter security control. The preferred method of saving this type of data is through the use of a Digital Video Recorder or DVR. These devices can supply you with enough s-pace to save months of data on a single hard drive. The data can then be quickly accessed through time stamps and enables you to review the video at more convenient times.

Ability to record and viewing up to 4 video sources (cameras)

Two video outputs that allows you to connect to both your colour monitor and printer

Ability to select the image quality and resolution to be recorded

Activate cameras manually or set up a programmed schedule

Trigger recording on a specific camera when external sensors are activated

Search and locate specific video segments instantly using a specific date and time

Forward and reverse buttons that make video searching fast and accurate

Password protection that prevents unauthorized access to the system and recorded images

An easy-to-use On Screen Display (OSD) menu that is simple to use and requires little or no training.

If you are looking for a little extra protection or are in need of a full blown enterprise CCTV system that will complete your loss prevention and risk management strategy, give the experts a call! St Kilda Locksmiths can provide you with the expertise needed for any level of CCTV protection.

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